Access control system

Integrated multifunctional
access control and management system

Software and hardware technical means of security and control

ACS or access control and management systems is a variety of interconnected hardware and software tools responsible for restricting and registering the access of people, vehicles and other entities to premises and other protected areas. This statement fully applies to the design of a structured cabling system, as part of the engineering system of the building as a whole. SCS project must comply with design codes and standards. In addition, take into account the specifics of the projected object, the possibility of changing the structure of the organization, the number of jobs and other aspects.

Access control and management systems and their role in ensuring the complex protection of the facility

Access control and management systems can be integrated with other security tools. For example, with video surveillance system (for recognition systems, etc.), burglar alarms (perimeter security, motion or glass break sensors, and etc.), burglar and fire alarm (for auto-unblocking of controlled barrier devices (CDA) in case of fire alarm).

The main advantages of an integrated ACS are obvious:

  • 24/7 operation. The access control and management system assumes the absence of a "human factor". The program and equipment of the ACS system do not get tired and work equally efficiently at any time of the day and under any circumstances;
  • integration with other security systems. Integrated installation of various security systems (ACS, video surveillance, face or license plate recognition, alarm systems, etc.) helps to increase the efficiency of the security system;
  • multitasking. The ACS system allows you to combine several useful functions in one hardware and software system. For example, accounting for the number of passes and working hours, video recording of the moments of entry / exit to / from a building or premises, issuing passes, etc.

Access control system (ACS) - main features of the functionality

The system provides the following features:

  • integrated security systems (the access control system can be integrated with fire and security alarms, video surveillance, etc.);
  • division of the object into zones with different hierarchical priority (passes of different levels: client, VIP client, employee, management, etc.);
  • installation of access control points (passage points) (turnstiles, electromagnetic locks and latches, barriers, gateways, etc.);
  • division of the territory of the enterprise into zones and delimitation of access. Access to certain zones is provided with the help of electronic keys, cards, fingerprints, retina, vehicle registration plates, etc.;
  • time tracking of employees (breaks, arrival and departure times of employees, movements around the territory);
  • emergency operation. Ensuring the operation of the access control system for an enterprise or office in emergency mode, for example, when the power is turned off using a backup power system;
  • remote access control. Possibility of remote control or management via the Internet or a local computer network.