Engineering systems

Engineering systems are an essential attribute modern facility

Design, installation, commissioning

The presence of qualified specialists and many years of experience in implementing IT projects allows MAORIF PLUS to offer design, installation and commissioning of the following customer systems:

  • Backbone data transmission networks
  • Campus and local area networks
  • Systems of packet switching of voice messages (IP-telephony)
  • Systems of traditional telephony
  • Storage systems
  • Management and operation of IT-infrastructure
  • Engineering low-current and high-current systems of buildings and structures

Developing and implementing the project, MAORIF PLUS applies a systematic approach, the system is designed taking into account the consistent functional interaction of all its components.

This approach, through better organization of work and rational planning, ensures successful completion of projects.
When creating or upgrading customer systems, MAORIF PLUS can perform the following:

  • Formation of fundamental requirements to the system
  • Development of the main concept of the system
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Technical and draft projects
  • Development of a set of working documentation
  • Step-by-step commissioning of the system

After putting the system into operation, MAORIF PLUS provides its service support in the range from warranty service and one-time services to special service packages, which simultaneously solve the tasks of operation, as well as further development of the IT infrastructure.

Advantages when using MAORIF PLUS services:

  • The highest quality of technical solutions for the clients of MAORIF PLUS provides our experience in the construction and modernization of information networks and systems, as well as system integration;
  • MAORIF PLUS specialists take into account modern requirements for availability, performance, scalability, security, technology integration and system manageability, which guarantees the customer the high ability of the customer’s IT-infrastructure for further rapid modernization and protection of its initial investments in IT;
  • The project documentation developed by MAORIF PLUS allows the customer to significantly increase the efficiency of using IT infrastructure resources, simplify its further modernization and reduce operating costs;
  • MAORIF PLUS, applying the standards and technologies of project management, always carries out projects on time.

Design and development of technical documentation

System design is the defining stage for the successful implementation of any project to create or upgrade an IT system.

As a result, the customer receives the following basic information: preliminary technical solutions for the system and its components, the optimal concept of the system construction, the sequence of the stages of their implementation, the preliminary evaluation of the project cost.

Specialists of MAORIF PLUS:

  • Formulate the tasks of the project, the requirements for the IT system and the expected results from the implementation of the project;
  • Prepare several versions of the concept of the system, indicating the merits and demerits of each option;
  • Determine the concept of the system that best meets the customer’s requirements;
    Will conduct an analytical assessment of the resources necessary for the successful implementation of the concept;
  • Will develop the functional structure of the system and the rationale for choosing: the necessary information technologies, preliminary technical solutions for both the system and its components, recommended equipment manufacturers, as well as software;
  • Calculate the timing of the project and the sequence of stages of its implementation;
  • Determine the approximate cost of creating or upgrading the IT system;
  • Prepare a detailed report describing the work performed.

Installation and commissioning

Specialists of MAORIF PLUS perform installation and commissioning works in strict accordance with the approved working documentation and work plan. At performance of works the constant quality control ensuring high level, quality and efficiency of performance of works is provided.

By agreement with the customer, MAORIF PLUS can provide consulting services for installation and commissioning (installation supervision), including: technological control of installation and commissioning, development of test procedures, training of personnel, etc.

For delivery / acceptance of the system for further continuous operation after completion of the installation and commissioning of the MAORIF PLUS specialists, the following types of work can be performed:

  • Preliminary testing of the system in order to verify its functionality and compliance with the technical requirements of the customer;
  • Technical and methodical assistance to the customer’s specialists during the pilot (test) operation of the system;
  • Acceptance testing of the system, analysis of test results and trial operation, elimination of identified shortcomings;
  • Training the personnel of the customer’s company to work with the implemented system.

Specialists of MAORIF PLUS are also ready to help the customer in the preparation of the relevant normative documentation and technical measures for commissioning the system.