Main directions of our activity

MAORIF PLUS today is a high-tech company possessing a huge amount of practical experience of functioning in Uzbekistan IT market, good standing among hardware and software developers, implemented high-complexity projects, as well as stable and fast growing relationships with our clients. All organizations that are clients of our company always receive timely assistance and support in solving any problems that arise in the IT departments of these organizations. Our task is to provide each of our clients with exactly the solutions and services that best suit the specifics of their business.


  1. Structured cabling systems

    A full range of works related to the organization and construction of computer, telephone and electrical networks. In addition, we carry out design, testing and subsequent certification activities.

  2. Fiber optic networks

    Before starting to build fiber-optic communication lines, specialists will necessarily create a project that will take into account all the features of the object and the tasks facing the future network. FOCL design is carried out on the basis of the technical task, which, in turn, is built on the basis of an analysis of the object and the wishes of the Customer.

  3. Video surveillance systems

    Of all the existing technical security systems, only video surveillance can broadcast events taking place on a protected object in real time. That’s why properly designed video surveillance will allow you to instantly assess the situation in controlled areas, reduce the response time to a critical situation and take the most effective measures to protect and combat the circumstances that have arisen.

  4. Access control systems

    The ACS or access control system is a set of interrelated hardware and software that are responsible for restricting and registering access of people, transport and other entities to premises and other protected areas.

  5. Fire safety systems

    Fire-fighting systems are a complex set of technical means that ensure the timely detection of a source of smoke or fire on the site. Also their purpose is to promptly inform the people on the site with the directions of evacuation and take emergency measures for fire fighting, which is why their other common name is security fire protection systems.

  6. Maintenance and outsourcing

    We offer you our services for subscription service. Our qualified specialists can quickly eliminate all kinds of malfunctions. In addition, we configure and diagnose the equipment to ensure the stability of the entire IT infrastructure in the office.