Structured cabling systems

Structured cabling systems - the modern standard for building infrastructure

From components to system solutions

A structured cabling system is a system whose principles of organization are subject to several basic principles:

  • Universality. It allows data and signal transmission of both existing types of network equipment and its promising types;
  • Flexibility. Allows you to change the topology of existing networks to connect additional workplaces, excluding the laying of new lines;
  • Centralization. Provides the possibility of using a single operation center.

In addition to the above mentioned principles, the potential of the SCS includes additional opportunities:

  • Significant cost savings over the entire lifetime due to the low cost factor of operating costs, as well as a long period of operation of the entire system as a whole;
  • Increase in the reliability factor and fault tolerance of SCS;
  • Unhindered interaction of various network protocols and architectures within the same local network;
  • Integration of networks with different technologies of data transmission (optics, copper, etc.) into a single signal transmission path;
  • Ordering the location and passage of trails and lines of the system;
  • Reducing the time of localization due to the correct construction of segments of local networks.

Being the basis of the cable system of any single enterprise, SCS allows for the shortest possible time to combine many different services for various purposes, such as telephone networks and video surveillance networks, into a single system. Based on this, one can draw a conclusion about the importance of optimal organization and the correctness of building a network, from which, in consequence, the most effective and safe operation of the entire production will depend.

Structured cabling systems from Maorif Plus

Maorif Plus company performs a full range of work related to the organization and construction of local networks. The specialists of our company carry out design, testing and certification activities. Maorif Plus has in its arsenal a complete set of necessary licenses and certificates from leading manufacturers of structured cabling elements.

In addition, technical specialists have rich practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of design, installation and commissioning of local networks.

Partnership with local suppliers of network active and passive equipment allows us to provide potential customers with a high level and optimal modern solutions. Such companies include, for example, Integrity Solution.