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Engineering systems

Инженерные системы

CCTV Calculator

Soon there will be an online calculator for calculating the cost of a video surveillance project

SCS calculator

Soon there will be an online calculator for calculating the cost of a structured cabling project

Structured cabling systems

SCS design

SCS design is the art of choosing the optimal and competent solution, taking into account all customer requirements

Installation of SCS

Installation of SCS must be trusted exclusively to professionals who have the necessary experience and love their job. Installation of cable infrastructure, taking into account all standards and norms

Fiber optic networks

Проектирование волоконно-оптических линий

FOCL design

Designing fiber-optic data transmission lines taking into account infrastructure scaling. Professional design of fiber-optic data transmission networks

FOCL installation

Installation and laying of FOCL of any complexity using modern equipment. The quality of FOCL depends on the quality of installation and the professionalism of the engineer

Video surveillance systems

Проектирование систем видеонаблюдения

Video surveillance design

Services for the design and integration of highly intelligent video surveillance systems. Competent design of a video surveillance system is the basis of an object's security system
Монтаж систем видеонаблюдения

Installation of video surveillance systems

Installation and configuration of video surveillance systems by certified specialists. Proper setup of the video surveillance system - improving the security of the facility

Building security systems

Системы пожарной безопасности

Fire safety systems

A set of technical means for the timely detection of smoke or fire at the facility. Efficient execution of firefighting tasks
Техническое обслуживание и поддержка

Maintenance and Support

Professional subscriber maintenance of network equipment and office equipment. IT outsourcing companies, optimization and configuration of local networks, computers, servers.