Installation of CCTV

The installation of CCTV is the creation on the site of the so-called CCTV system (Collided Circuit Television, CCTV – from English, closed-circuit television system). Its main task is to provide visual control and automated image analysis (automatic recognition of persons, state signs of transport, certain colors and other signs).

Our specialists have been trained and certified in installation and maintenance of CCTV and security systems in BOLID, Argus Spectrum. They will intelligently select the necessary equipment with the optimal “price-quality” ratio and will implement a professional installation of video surveillance, as well as its configuration and integration with various security systems.

Installation of video surveillance systems and their integration with other security systems

In the modern world, the integration of video surveillance with security systems plays a key role. For example, the system of recognition of numbers is impossible without a thoughtful installation of high-resolution CCTV cameras. Also, to implement these tasks, a software complex is used that recognizes vehicle numbers (their graphic symbols) and indexes them into a database for on-line processing in conjunction with access control.
Round-the-clock monitoring and constant video registration allow to prevent or investigate many offenses at the most different enterprises – warehouse complexes, offices, shopping centers, hotels, cottages, country houses, etc.
Depending on the wishes of the Customer, the specifics of the organization of video surveillance and security systems for each object, a detailed technical specification is drawn up, if necessary, taking into account integrated integration with access control, fire protection and emergency warning, lighting and power supply equipment, and then a project is being designed to increase efficiency Future infrastructure and avoid installation errors.
The installation process, as a rule, takes from 5 days to several months, depending on the complexity of the facility, so both the cost and timing of the project are always determined individually.

The order of installation of video surveillance systems

Installation work on the installation of CCTV systems in the general case can be reflected in the form of the following scheme:

    • Preparatory and construction works and the manufacture of cable ducts (equipment delivery, production of through holes, fastening of trays, cable routes, PVC boxes, metal structures, etc.)
    • Laying of a cable of video observation (passive elements of connections, tightening of a cable in a corrugation, its stacking on trays, connection of sockets and sockets)
    • Installation of video surveillance (installation of CCTV cameras, adjustment of the viewing angle, connection of switching nodes with active equipment)
    • Construction of a data processing center (data center) (for complex processing of information from various security structures, according to the wishes of the Customer)
    • Uninterruptible power supply
    • Construction and adjustment of the structure of video monitoring (connection of computers, video monitors, DVRs, setting of user parameters and software)
    • Commissioning and general testing

Convenience of the operation of the infrastructure, its maintenance and the implementation of repair work is directly dependent on a well-thought-out architecture. Each element or node of the structure should have a logical and convenient location, as well as have the necessary degree of protection against unauthorized access and be in a convenient service area. That is why the installation of video surveillance should be carried out only by trained specialists.
Despite all of the above, there are a number of factors that depend only on the Customer, non-observance of which can lead to the inability to organize high-quality video surveillance:

      • Providing the contractor with complete information on the work object;
      • Availability of free access of the contractor to the facility;
      • Assistance of the Customer’s personnel to employees of the contract organization;
      • Organization by the Customer of the interaction of installers with third parties;
      • Speed ​​and quality of decisions taken by the Customer.

The company “Maorif Plus” owns all the necessary resources that allow for the installation of high-quality video surveillance systems within a specified time. You can make sure of this by visiting the page with letters of recommendation on our website.