Design of video surveillance systems

Designing a video surveillance system is an important stage in the creation of an integrated security system at the site. With serious and detailed design, installation of video surveillance systems, as a rule, does not cause any special difficulties, because competent design of video surveillance systems guarantees compatibility of components and equipment among themselves, their correct installation, connection and configuration, which means high reliability and quality of protection. In addition, when working at particularly critical sites, video surveillance systems are built on secret schemes. All this suggests that it is simply unreasonable to trust such responsible work to random people.

Content and cost of designing video surveillance systems

The design of the video surveillance system brings clarity to the Client’s wishes, and the contractor helps to form and formalize on paper the system requirements imposed by the security services. In addition, on the basis of the project, the security service forms a series of measures designed to ensure proper control at the facility. Thus, with a high-quality design, the installation of video surveillance systems will also be made as efficiently and in the shortest possible time.
The project of the video surveillance system is a set of documentation that is provided to the Customer in the form of a brochure in A3 or A4 format and has approximately the following content:

  • Title page. Information about the object, the Customer and the Contractors (Contractors), as well as the responsible persons on the part of the Contractors
  • Bill of work project. Information about the composition of the project.
  • Explanatory note. The general part, the list and the description of the object of protection, the basic technical decisions, the arrangement of equipment, electric power supply, the requirements to the safety precautions
  • A set of working drawings. Layouts of equipment and cable routing, equipment connections, etc.
  • Cable magazine. Information about wires and cables: for example, the cross-section and the length of the cable.
  • Specification of materials and equipment. Marking, type and quantity of equipment and components used.

The design of video surveillance systems is conducted in stages: the final result depends directly on this. That’s why when creating a project, specialists need to overcome the following mandatory steps:

  • Pre-project inspection of the facility and negotiations with the Customer. The result of this stage is TK.
  • Preliminary design. The final version of the project consists of the basis of the working drawings and sketches.
  • Preparation of design estimates. Allows to coordinate with the Customer the cost of designing video surveillance systems, as well as promptly eliminate possible design flaws.
  • Approval of the project.
  • Instruction of the Customer’s personnel.

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