Installation of SCS

The main requirements to a SCS – universality, the presence of the vertical and horizontal subsystems (subsystems and equipment, electronics, etc. administration.) Hierarchy and clear categorization.

Thus, it is obvious that the installation of networks is a matter of which only professionals can be entrusted. The installation process is multi-stage, as is the design of the system. Installation of SCS implies a high degree of responsibility, as in the subsequent commissioning, start up and connect the hardware system should meet the relevant standards and regulations. From how professionally installed LAN installation, directly depends on how your company will work.

Installation of SCS includes the following stages:

  • Creation of cable routes;
  • Installation of networks: laying cable channels;
  • Installation of cable trays;
  • Cabling;
  • Assembling racks and cabinets for telecommunications;
  • Testing;
  • Commissioning the system.

In addition to the above requirements, structured cabling allows:

  • Use it to transmit signals of the main existing and promising types of network equipment for various purposes;
  • Quickly and with minimum costs to organize new workplaces and change the connection scheme and SCS without laying additional cable lines;
  • Organize a single operation service.

In addition to the installation of structured cabling systems, we provide also services such as the padding of local networks of electric, telephone, video surveillance and access control systems, fire and burglar alarm.

Our company at a professional level provides all the services that require the installation of SCS. Cooperation is organized according to this scheme: after the order is created, a working project is created, which is approved by the customer, then the network installation begins. All the works are performed by high-class specialists who constantly improve their skills in the field of computer network installation and are trained accordingly.

Turning to us, you get a guarantee of quality work. As a rule, in such an area as laying the network, the priority for the customer are three points: quality, time and price. At us all these 3 factors are in an optimum parity.

Networking specialists of the company performed qualitatively due to a professionally designed project and a clear adherence to it during the installation. We have all the necessary licenses, which implies work in such a service sector as the laying of computer networks. When installing, we are always guided by the existing standards and regulations, and the whole process of work is carefully monitored quality control system.