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MES2424P is a new Eltex manageable access switch. The switch supports connection of end equipment to the networks of enterprises and telecommunications carriers via PoE/PoE+ and has all the necessary functions to ensure stable and secure network operation. Mass production is scheduled for 2022.



MES2424P is equipped with 24 ports of 1 Gbps, 4 optical uplink ports of 10 Gbps and an RJ-45 console port. Total bandwidth is 128 Gbps, performance is 95 million pps.

Main interface features:

  • Auto MDI/MDIX;
  • Head-of-line blocking (HOL) protection;
  • Flow control (IEEE 802.3X);
  • Port mirroring (SPAN/RSPAN);
  • Jumbo frames support (up to 12288 bytes).

MES2424P supports connection of end devices via PoE/PoE+. PoE budget is 370W. Up to 30 W can be supplied to the port, which is enough to connect power-demanding equipment. These can be devices placed both outdoors (video surveillance systems, public Wi-Fi 6 access points, IoT sensors, etc.) and in offices (indoor access points, IP phones, IP cameras, sensors, etc.).


Power supply and cooling

MES2424P is equipped with a built-in power supply that operates in the voltage range of 170 to 264 V. If the power supply fails, the switch is guaranteed to notify about it via Syslog and SNMP thanks to Dying Gasp hardware support. This will help to quickly fix the problem and reactivate the operation of the device. In case of malfunctions, the ability to restore the operation of end devices by remote reboot is implemented.

The active cooling system with two fans with adjustable speed is used in MES2424P. This enables quiet operation of the switch and allows installing it in close proximity to workplaces – in offices, security rooms, etc.


Security and fault tolerance

The following features in MES2424P provide fault tolerance of the system and connection security:

  • STP, RSTP, MSTP, LBD, STP Loop Guard – loopback protection, including broadcast loops;
  • DOS, ARP and BPDU attacks prevention;
  • IP address spoofing protection (IP Source Guard);
  • Access Control Lists based on IPv4 and IPv6 (L2–L4 ACL);
  • Unicast, multicast and broadcast storm protection.

MES2424P supports Radius and TACACS+ clients. They are necessary both to control user access to public networks (Radius) and to administrate the switch itself.


Multicast traffic management

MES2424P has all the necessary functions to manage multicast traffic and provide access to services that are critical to delays:

  • IGMP Snooping v. 1, 2, 3;
  • Port-based IGMP Snooping Fast Leave;
  • MVR – multicast streaming across various VLANs;
  • MLD Snooping v. 1, 2.

MES2424P supports Quality of Service (QoS) features. For example, this is important for audio and video conferencing or IPTV broadcasting. Moreover, the QoS features can be used when live streaming from IP cameras and connecting a large number of access points.
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Management, configuration and updating

This model supports automatic backup and configuration file uploading/downloading via TFTP/SFTP.

MES2424P management and updating can be performed using SNMP, CLI (Telnet, SSH, Console), web interface, as well as Eltex ECCM cloud management system.

MES2424P is a modern PoE access switch with all the necessary functionality to work with Multicast and protection against various threats. It is suitable for companies that want to keep up with the times and grow along with their needs. MES2424P is aimed at businesses of various levels, public sector and telecommunications carriers.