Maintenance and IT outsourcing

Subscription services for computers

Nowadays, information systems for organizations are one of the main tools in business. But for its effective application it is necessary to periodically provide technical support for office equipment and software.
We offer you our services for subscription service. Our qualified specialists can quickly eliminate all kinds of malfunctions. In addition, we configure and diagnose the equipment to ensure the stability of the entire IT infrastructure in the office.
Subscriber service in the organization is carried out as follows:

    • The organization is assigned to the incoming system administrator;
    • The state of the computer network is audited, to assess its effectiveness and identify problem areas;
    • Diagnostics of the state of local networks and checking for the presence of virus programs;
    • Install antivirus protection programs and configure automatic updating of anti-virus databases;
    • Remote administration of servers and troubleshooting;
    • Setting up system and application software on servers and office computers;
    • Carrying out preventive maintenance of software and hardware;
    • Technical control over the operation of equipment and software accepted for maintenance;
    • Repair of computer equipment and diagnostics of malfunctions;
    • Connection and configuration of additional remote equipment (printers, scanners, etc);
    • Delineation of user access rights to the shared resources of computers on the network in accordance with the approved access rules;
    • Installation of additional application software (office programs, mail clients, browsers, etc.) necessary for employees to work;
    • Ensuring the uninterrupted operability of the local network;
    • Monitoring of the security of the serviced computer networks;
    • Regular updating of the software for security;
    • Accounting, optimization and control of Internet traffic;
    • Setting up a system to protect against unauthorized access from the Internet (firewall);
    • Maintenance of active network equipment;
    • Troubleshooting the network;
    • Setting up a backup system on office computers and servers;
    • Administering the domain controller server: creating, changing user credentials, setting access rights;
    • Administering the file server configuring the user access rights to the network shares;
      Support and administration of the proxy server;
    • Administration of the mail server: creating, changing e-mail accounts, anti-virus protection of mail;
    • Install and configure VPN;
    • Selection and delivery of computer equipment, office equipment and supplies;
    • Delivery of licensed software, selection for the organization of the optimal licensing option;
    • Management (SAM) Licensed software policy, control and accounting of licenses.
    • Urgent visits at the request of the client, in the event of any malfunctions in the hardware or software products;
    • Consult the employees of the organization in the workplace, e-mail and telephone.

We guarantee you a high level of subscriber service and the competence of our specialists who are able to cope with any malfunction, regardless of its scale and complexity.