Design and installation of fiber optic link

FOCL installation is a rather complex production process in order not to entrust it to amateurs in the field of system integration. For example, FOCL laying in the ground or on supports requires the correct choice of the type of cable and careful handling with it, as well as the relevant qualifications and experience of a specialist, without which high-quality optical fiber welding is practically impossible. And even the laying of optical fiber in the room, which has a strong resemblance to the laying of a conventional twisted pair, will require increased attention.

Basic methods of laying and installation of fiber optic link

The FOCL installation begins with the project. FOCL design allows at the initial stage to determine possible weak points of the system, to correct the laying routes for FOCL, to calculate the costs of installation of the system, and, taking into account the changing requirements of the Customer, to reduce the costs for laying and installation of fiber optic links. The price of creating a fiber-optic backbone, therefore, can significantly decrease, only thanks to the availability of a well-designed project. The project also takes into account the possible modernization of the network, software updates, the rapid creation of new jobs, etc.
Ways of laying fiber optic cable can be divided into two main groups: installation outside and inside the premises. In turn, broaching and installing the cable inside and outside the premises are possible in two ways:

  • Open FOCL installation (airborne – between the masts of electric lighting, when it comes to installation outdoors, and in the ceiling area and under the raised floor, if the fiber is produced inside the premises);
  • Closed FOCL installation (directly in the ground or in the collectors in the first case and in special trays in the second one).

Fiber-optic cable is susceptible to mechanical damage and kink, so loves careful attitude to yourself in the process of laying. One of the most “weak points” of installation is the welding of optical fibers (working ends of the cable), requiring over-accuracy. It is no accident that the installers working with FOCL are given the most stringent qualification requirements.

Welding of optical fiber and its effect on the quality of installation of the system

Welding of optical lines is simplified many times, and its quality is greatly improved if highly professional welding machines are used for this process, which connect optical fibers with the highest degree of accuracy. The company “Maorif Plus” works with the last generation welding machine Sumitomo-TYPE-39 – it is a new perfect quality standard and the speed of welding, in addition, winning a lot of competitors in their size and weight.
Sumitomo-TYPE-39 is designed to work in the harshest conditions, therefore it has high dust and moisture protection, is immune to impacts and falls and can operate at temperatures from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C. Also, the Sumitomo-TYPE-39 is suitable for welding virtually any type of optical fiber, and, compared to the previous version, has the highest welding quality parameters. That’s why we boldly provide 15 years of warranty for all work related to the welding of fiber optic lines during the introduction of fiber optic links.

Despite the external similarity of the stages of laying and fiber-laying technologies, each project is unlike others, because any object of FOL construction has a unique area and architectural features, the number of jobs, composition and functional, types and productivity of equipment, etc. Therefore, two identical FOCL does not exist, and only a layman can strictly follow the template solution.
Realization of FOL projects by qualified contractors is carried out in accordance with international standards of cable systems, design standards and compliance with safety regulations. Upon completion of the FOCL installation, the system undergoes mandatory commissioning and testing. At the request of the Customer, a professional certification of the network is possible, as well as the conclusion of an agreement for its guarantee and subscription services.