UserGate Mail Server

UserGate Mail Server is an affordable and easy to administer alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It is designed for small and medium sized business use and offers email filtering and continuous availability.

  • Easy to administer windows-based solution
  • Any email client support
  • Secure and protected email
  • Multiple email accounts downloads



UserGate Mail Server is a full-function, affordable and powerful solution that helps you organize your corporate mail, filter spam, provide maximum spam protection, and scan your incoming traffic using four antivirus modules. The product has BYOD concept support and also features email archiving, external email downloading and collaboration functions.

How does it work?


Organization of work of electronic mail

Among the main functions of UserGate Mail Server are domain and user management, web client, mailing lists support, work with directory services and remote accounts, LDAP support, and a flexible and powerful rules system.

Domain management

UserGate Mail Server supports both work with one domain, and with several. The domain is the key setting of the mail server. An administrator can specify a list of domains that are processed by the mail server. UserGate Mail Server supports work with remote domains.

LDAP Synchronization

The LDAP Sync option in the mail domain settings is for synchronizing accounts with the LDAP directory, for example, with MS Active Directory. This approach allows you to perform centralized account management, reduces the number of possible errors and simplifies the administration of the mail server.

Remote administration

Administration of the mail server can be done from any location with the help of any browser.

Deleted accounts

Mail loaders with support for POP3 and IMAP allow you to work with remote accounts.

Mailing lists

UserGate Mail Server supports two messaging modes. If you use the Public mode of the mail server, you can send messages from any address. In Membership mode, only members of the group can send messages to the group distribution address. only those users that are listed in the distribution properties.

System of rules

Processing of messages in UserGate Mail Server is implemented on the basis of rules (Message Rules). Rules are a set of conditions that are combined by logical AND / OR and one or more actions that must be performed by the mail server if the specified condition is met. Rules are processed sequentially from top to bottom, so each message can be processed by several rules. For non-linear processing of messages by the mail server, actions such as “Stop processing” are provided – in this case, the underlying UserGate Mail Server rules are not considered, – and “Go to the rule” – go to a specific rule located below the list of rules.


For secure access to e-mail, the product supports support for protocols such as SSL, POP3s, SMTPs and IMAPs. The security of the e-mail message is provided at once by four anti-virus modules: Avira, Kaspersky Antivirus, Panda Antivirus and Entensys Zero-Hour, based on “cloud” technologies. These modules scan SMTP traffic for viruses.

Cloud Antivirus

UserGate Mail Server does not require the installation of a cumbersome application, which requires a significant amount of server resources for normal operation. The speed of the cloud antivirus built into UserGate Mail Server depends only on the load on the external channel. Using hundreds of servers (honeypots) around the world, as well as technological cooperation with the largest developers of anti-virus solutions, allows you to immediately recognize major virus epidemics. This approach ensures proactive detection of viruses and allows you to start fighting with a new virus before it hits millions of computers.

Multiple levels of anti-spam protection

To process incoming messages in UserGate Mail Server, the filtering is performed in several stages – by connections, by source address, by destination address and by content. UserGate Mail Server supports the following spam filtering methods:

  • based on DNS (DNSBL, RHSBL, Backscatter, MX, SPF, SURBL);
  • based on the distributed antispam system (“cloud” antispam);
  • on the basis of statistics (Bayesian own filtering implementation).

In addition, UserGate Mail Server supports SMTP protocol monitoring (control of the correctness of commands according to RFC), limits the maximum letter size, the maximum number of recipients, and so on.

Cloud Antispam

“Cloud” antispam in the mail server filters out the messages based on the analysis of their content and heuristics. The technologies used allow analyzing spam messages in any languages, as well as graphical messages. Module Cloud Antispam sends a “cloud” service UID letter, which allows you to determine whether the email message is spam. The solution does not block the IP address, domain or email address, but a specific email or spam attack. One of the important advantages of “cloud” antispam is the extremely low level of false positives – less than one for 1.5 million messages. At the same time, the level of spam detection is more than 97%.

Интеграция с IMAP

В UserGate Mail Server реализована интеграция с IMAP – сервером MS Exchange или Lotus Domino. Интеграция предоставляет возможность создания общей папки IMAP на удаленном почтовом сервере и обработку сообщений в этих папках.

Monitoring and statistics

UserGate Mail Server provides information about all messages processed by the mail server. Monitoring messages allows you to filter by date, by processing status (delivered / blocked), at the source or destination address, forcibly sending messages blocked as spam, and creating exception lists.


UserGate Mail Server supports backing up e-mail messages, sending automatic replies, configuring mail processing rules, managing services in the web console, and selecting an arbitrary date range in the message history.