Service gateway ESR-1000

  • Scalable  solution for  different fields of application
  • Advanced command line interface  for  management
  • Flexible services configuration 
  • Compatible with leading manufacturers’ equipment 
  • Hardware acceleration of data processing
  • Advanced reliability with critical nodes redundancy 


Functional area

The family of ESR routers is a universal hardware platform capable of performing a wide range of tasks related to network security. The lineup includes models that can be used in networks of various sizes – from small business networks to carrier networks and data centers.


The key elements of ESR-1000 are data processing hardware acceleration means that ensure a high level of productivity.  Hardware and software processing is distributed among the units of the device.

Typical tasks performed by service routers:

  • providing of NAT, Firewall services
  • routing
  • organization of secure network tunnels to combine different offices of companies (IPsec VPN)
  • organization of remote access to local resources on enterprise networks L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN
  • filtering of network data by various criteria