Kerio Control

The server license for 5 users (includes 1 year of technical support of SWM)


Kerio Control — the full decision for safety and also tool kit for access control of users and optimization of productivity of their work. IDS/IPS equipped with the system of preventing of invasions, the UTM solution of Kerio Control provides complex protection against quickly spreaded security risks and guarantees reliable protection against originating Internet threats.

The principal feature of Kerio Control is existence of the detection system and preventing of invasions (IDS/IPS) based on the industry standard Snort. The system classifies and stops the attacks to servers, applications and components of infrastructure. The built-in three-level system of rating assessment of threats provides proper response to an event depending on gravity of threat. The database of signatures used for the analysis of a traffic is added by “black lists” of IP addresses.

Key component for data analysis in Kerio Control is Kerio StaR statistics module. It interprets and displays data on network activity different methods that helps with determination of security risks, traffic patterns and potential reasons of falling of productivity. As well as web administration, the Kerio StaR module can be launched from any browser, thus, there is an opportunity to analyze behavior of each net surfer. Kerio StaR works by the principle of the database that allows to create evident reports for any period. It helps to take quickly measures in case of appearance of any security risk.

Kerio Control is the first product of Kerio delivered with the built-in high-performance anti-virus Sophos module which allows to scan all entering and proceeding Internet traffic on existence of malicious applications. For Kerio Control there is a set of additional plug-ins for connection of other commercial and open anti-virus products, but in case of installation of new UTM it is recommended to use Sophos: no other module ensures such convenience of setup and functioning.

Having the certificate of Corporate Firewall from ICSA labs, Kerio Control ensures safety both at the network layer, and at the level of applications. In Kerio Control special attention is paid to client server access to VPN.

A large number of VPN clients on all main platforms is maintained: Mac, Windows and Linux. Kerio VPN Client works practically with any version of these operating systems, providing to the modern organizations the unsurpassed level of flexibility in case of VPN deployment.

Kerio Control can be torn either on the Windows platform, or on the Linux platform as software appliance — for both options operation on 32-or the 64-bit server or the workstation is supported. Kerio Control 8 Software Appliance allows to make the hardware UTM system of any PC. Besides, it is possible to import Virtual Appliance for the platform of VMware to the existing virtual environment for support of the maximum return of investments into the available equipment.

In Kerio Control  there was a row of the new opportunities including the reverse proxy server, lock of not recognized IP addresses and control of bandpass range in VPN tunnels. Besides, in the program it is simplified and process of creation and control of rules of a traffic is considerably improved, and the authentication system of users and device management became more flexible.

New opportunities of Kerio Control:

  • the MyKerio interface — the new web interface of central management allowing users to trace and control far off directly several installations of Kerio Control is added;
  • the interface of creation of rules of filtering and control of bandpass range for an acceleration of operation with them is optimized;
  • the type of the interface of administration is processed — now all graphics is optimized for Retina displays and looks more accurately.