Career in our company

Experience with the largest companies in the country

In Maorif Plus each employee gets valuable experience in the process of everyday tasks, as well as when communicating with potential customers. This applies to both technical departments and administration.

Democratic working environment

We are for a rational approach to work. We are interested in the result of the work and not how much time you spend in the workplace.

The promotion of initiatives to promote the implementation of ideas and their own projects

We believe that every employee should feel comfortable not only in financial terms but also in terms of their ambitions.

Leisure and team building

We love to go together to the gym, to snowboard, to go to the pub at the weekend.

Office Manager

Official duties

We are looking for an office Manager capable of working and wanting to develop multitask in a professional team. You must participate in the organization of paperwork, maintain registers of incoming / outgoing documents, archive documents, work with office equipment, to support social events and work day supervisor. To order consumables and water. If you need to participate in the working groups on internal processes or projects of the organization.


High business writing skills. Proactivity, independence. A high level of self-organization. Punctuality. Knowledge of the Protocol. Ability to work with large amounts of information. Ability to conduct Protocol meetings. Knowledge of touch typing. Desirable but not required practical experience in industry development. The English language is spoken.